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Buy PDF Photo Part Number Manufacturer Description SeriesTypeNumber of Terminal StripsNumber of Distribution BusesNumber of Tie Points (Total)Number of 5-Tie Point TerminalsNumber of Binding PostsDIP CapacitySize / Dimension
BB-32621 BB-32621 Bud Industries BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS 300TIE BG, Board-GanizerTerminal Strip (No Frame)--300---3.20" L x 2.08" W (81.3mm x 52.8mm)
- A000032 A000032 Arduino BREAD BOARD/WIRE KIT ARDUINO -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12840128---
923269-I 923269-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP MODEL 234L -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-34068--3.50" x 1.36" (88.9mm x 34.5mm)
- 700-00012 700-00012 Parallax Inc BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-17035--1.75" x 1.38" (44.5mm x 35.1mm)
700-00078 700-00078 Parallax Inc BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12640128--6.875" L x 2.563" W (174.6mm x 65.1mm)
- TW-E40-510 TW-E40-510 Twin Industries BREADBOARD 2.13X3.3 SLDLESS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1240060--3.30" x 2.14" (83.8mm x 54.4mm)
- TW-E40-1020 TW-E40-1020 Twin Industries BREADBOARD 2.13x6.496 SLDLESS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12830126--6.50" x 2.14" (165.1mm x 54.4mm)
- TW-E41-1020 TW-E41-1020 Twin Industries BREADBOARD W/70PC WIRE SET -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12830126--6.50" x 2.14" (165.1mm x 54.4mm)
- TW-E41-102B TW-E41-102B Twin Industries BREADBOARD W/70PC WIRE/GND POST -Assembly (On Frame)128301263-6.50" x 2.14" (165.1mm x 54.4mm)
- TW-E41-1060 TW-E41-1060 Twin Industries BREADBOARD W/140PC WIRE/GND POST -Assembly (On Frame)3423903784-6.90" x 5.70" (175.3mm x 144.8mm)
922306 922306 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE306 300Assembly (On Frame)126109426 (14 Pin)5.40" x 4.00" (137.2mm x 101.6mm)
922309 922309 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE309 300Assembly (On Frame)1284012839 (14 Pin)7.00" x 4.00" (177.8mm x 101.6mm)
923252-I 923252-I 3M SUPER STRIP ALLOY CONTACTS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12840128--6.50" x 2.25" (165.1mm x 57.2mm)
922318 922318 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE318 300Assembly (On Frame)261824256318 (14 Pin)7.75" x 6.25" (196.9mm x 158.8mm)
922327 922327 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE327 300Assembly (On Frame)382712384427 (14 Pin)8.00" x 9.25" (203.2mm x 235.0mm)
922336 922336 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE336 300Assembly (On Frame)4103648512436 (14 Pin)10.25" x 9.25" (260.4mm x 235.0mm)
922354 922354 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE354 300Assembly (On Frame)5125424768454 (14 Pin)14.69" x 9.75" (373.1mm x 247.7mm)
BB-32620 BB-32620 Bud Industries BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS 600TIE BG, Board-GanizerTerminal Strip (No Frame)--600---3.40" L x 3.20" W (86.4mm x 81.3mm)
923273-I 923273-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-17034--1.80" x 1.36" (45.7mm x 34.5mm)
923253-I 923253-I 3M CIRCUIT STRIP ALLOY CONTACTS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1262096--4.90" x 2.25" (124.5mm x 57.2mm)
922345 922345 3M BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE345 300Assembly (On Frame)5124520640445 (14 Pin)12.44" x 9.75" (316.0mm x 247.7mm)
923292-I 923292-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP MODEL 154T -Terminal Strip (No Frame)--216---6.50" x 0.63" (165.1mm x 16.0mm)
923265-I 923265-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP MODEL 248L -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-48096--4.90" x 1.36" (124.5mm x 34.5mm)
923261-I 923261-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP MODEL 264L -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-640128--6.50" x 1.36" (165.1mm x 34.5mm)
- TW-E40-1020-P TW-E40-1020-P Twin Industries HIGH TEMP BREADBOARD 2.1X6.5 -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12830126--6.50" x 2.14" (165.1mm x 54.4mm)
923277-I 923277-I 3M DISTRIBUTION STRIP MODEL 212R -Distribution Bus (No Frame)-196---6.50" x 0.35" (165.1mm x 8.9mm)
- 700-32305 700-32305 Parallax Inc BREADBOARD SET(3)PROPELLER/SX/BS -Terminal Strip (No Frame)341092180---
923748-I 923748-I 3M SUPER STRIP W/GOLD PL TERM -Terminal Strip (No Frame)12840128--6.50" x 2.25" (165.1mm x 57.2mm)
700-00094 700-00094 Parallax Inc BREADBOARD SMALL BLUE *
923285-I 923285-I 3M DISTRIBUTION STRIP MODEL 206R -Distribution Bus (No Frame)-148---3.50" x 0.35" (88.9mm x 8.9mm)
- 3370-1000 3370-1000 3M CONN SOCKET 16POS DL BREADBOAD ---------
- 3363-1000 3363-1000 3M CONN SOCKET 22POS DL BREADBOARD ---------
923281-I 923281-I 3M DISTRIBUTION STRIP MODEL 209R -Distribution Bus (No Frame)-172---4.90" x 0.35" (124.5mm x 8.9mm)
- 923399-I 923399-I 3M 3/4 DOUBLE TERMINAL STRIP -Terminal Strip (No Frame)-------
923297-I 923297-I 3M SINGLE TIE-POINT BLOCK (20/PKG) -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-4---3.11" L x 1.98" W x 1.13" H (79.0mm x 50.4mm x 28.8mm)
- 923404-01-B 923404-01-B 3M 923404-01-B SINGLE TIE-PT BLOCK -Terminal Strip (No Frame)-------
923301-I 923301-I 3M TRIPLE TIE-POINT BLOCK (20/PKG) -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-12----
923299-I 923299-I 3M DOUBLE TIE-POINT BLOCK (20/PKG) -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-8----
923749-I 923749-I 3M CIRCUIT STRIP GOLD 10U -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1262096--4.90" x 2.25" (124.5mm x 57.2mm)
- 700-00095 700-00095 Parallax Inc BREADBOARD SMALL CLEAR *
- TW-E40-510-P TW-E40-510-P Twin Industries HIGH TEMP BREADBOARD 2.1X3.3 -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1240060--3.30" x 2.14" (83.8mm x 54.4mm)
923289-I 923289-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP MODEL 264R -Terminal Strip (No Frame)1-512---6.50" x 1.10" (165.1mm x 27.9mm)
923291-I 923291-I 3M TERMINAL STRIP MODEL 154R -Terminal Strip (No Frame)--216---6.50" x 0.63" (165.1mm x 16.0mm)
923293-I 923293-I 3M DISTRIBUTION STRIP MODEL 606R -Distribution Bus (No Frame)-1144---6.50" x 0.43" (165.1mm x 10.9mm)
- 3356-1000 3356-1000 3M CONN SOCKET 14POS DL BREADBOARD ---------