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BlueRadios, Inc.

- BlueRadios, Inc. is a wireless data and voice communications Company that provides hardware and software end-to-end product solutions for embedded device networking using the Bluetooth standard. They offer a complete family of radio modem products and services including Bluetooth (USB/UART)modules. 

BlueRadios was founded in 2000 and markets the world's smallest spread spectrum 2.4 GHz Bluetooth SMT serial data radio modems used for OEM integration and for commercial plug-and-play solutions. These Class1 modules include a ceramic chip antenna, Bluetooth profiles, and application code. This easy to implement "wireless wire" modem uses Hayes AT modem type ASCII command strings to change parameters and settings in the radio. No mess or hassles with expensive Bluetooth stacks or RF layouts. These affordable radios are available in large and small quantities to fit your specific wireless needs.