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Opto Diode Corp

Opto Diode Corporation

- A subsidiary of ITW, Opto Diode Corporation specializes in the manufacture of LEDs, IRLEDs, LED arrays, gallium aluminum arsenide photodiodes, silicon photodiodes, and opto-electronic assemblies. 

Typical applications for Opto Diode’s products include medical, scientific, and industrial fluorescence; photo-electric controls; LED-based tracking systems for surgery, vending machines, and aviation lighting; ophthalmology; and guided missile systems.

Established in 1981 and located in Newbury Park, California, Opto Diode’s quality system is ISO 9001 compliant and has been approved by customers in a variety of industries including, test and measurement, medical, biotechnology, military/defense, aerospace, industrial, automotive, research and development, and more.

Opto Diode’s U.S. manufacturing facility includes a wafer fab and ensures delivery of volume quantities at competitive prices with short lead times.