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Advanced Photonix Inc

Advanced Photonix, Inc.

- Manufactures and designs high performance standard and custom opto devices, x-ray detectors, UV and blue-enhanced high-speed photoconductive, and low-noise photovoltaic silicon PIN photodiodes, phototransistors and opto IC sensors. Configurations include single-element and multi-element arrays, bi-cells, quadrants, position sensors, long-line devices, detector-filter combinations, and detector-amplifier hybrids. 

A complete line of UV, blue-enhanced and NIR solderable chips is available. Single and dual Cadmium Sulfoselenide (CdS) photoconductive, light dependent resistors (photocells) are also manufactured. GaAs (940nm) and GaAlAs (880nm) LPE and VPE, high-power IR emitters are also produced. Custom opto components, subassemblies, opto hybrids, and PCB assemblies can be designed and produced with quick turnaround and minimum NRE cost.