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Cymbet Corporation


- Cymbet is the leader in thin film battery technology and energy harvesting power management solutions. The Cymbet EnerChip™ family of solid-state, rechargeable thin-film batteries is a new innovation in energy management and energy storage. Packaged as a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component, the EnerChip provides energy storage in a form factor and with a convenience not previously attainable using conventional solutions such as lithium coin cells and super capacitors. Cymbet continues to be a proactive force in the development of green technology thanks to their energy harvesting solutions. 

The harnessing and collection of this ambient energy into a useful form is called Energy Harvesting or Energy Scavenging. Advances in both transducer technology and Cymbet EnerChip thin film batteries have made ambient energy harvesting a practical reality. For example, the Cymbet EnerChip EH CBC5300 Solar Energy Harvesting module is the heart of the new Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500-SEH Wireless Demo Kit. This kit is the world's first complete autonomous Energy Harvesting wireless sensor development tool.