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Walsin Technology Corporation

Walsin Technology

- Walsin Technology Corporation, part of the Passive Systems Alliance Taiwan, is a global, top-tier leader in MLCC, chip resistor, and RF device production. Walsin production capacity is 30 billion pieces per month for MLCC’s and chip resistors. Walsin also specializes in RF devices including Bluetooth® , GPS and WiMAX® chip antennas, high frequency band pass, balanced and low pass filters, balun transformers, diplexers, and common-mode filters. 

Walsin's customer base spans the globe from Motorola, Samsung, RF Micro Devices, Skyworks, Visteon, Delphi, Foxconn, Flextronics and many others. Whether it is automotive, consumer, industrial or medical, the PSA family of passives provides a broad line up to cover your passives needs.

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