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Samtec, Inc.

- Samtec, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. Worldwide Samtec sales for 2008 were $408 million (U.S. currency).

Popular Samtec interconnects include micro pitch board-to-board systems (on .100”, 2mm, .050”, 1mm, .8mm, .635mm, .5mm, and .4mm pitch), high speed mezzanine systems, high density arrays, rugged/power systems, and cable assemblies (IDC, discrete wire, sealed/circulars, flex circuits, and high speed). 

Samtec was founded in 1976, is privately held, and is QS-9000 registered with a 5-A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, the highest available for a corporation this size. Samtec is recognized as the service leader in the connector industry.

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