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ITT Interconnect Solutions

- Reliability, Innovation, and Engineered Solutions, these terms collectively describe ITT Interconnect Solutions and define a legacy of Interconnect Science spanning nearly a century, reflecting billions of quality products sold, and incorporating industry leading brands. ITT Interconnect Solutions has an Innovation Timeline that uniquely defines a historical compendium of interconnect leadership spanning over 90 years and including many industry firsts; Audio Connectors, Aviation Circulars, D-Sub's, Micro's, fiber optic assemblies, Zero Insertion Force Technologies, and other advanced applications of Interconnect Science. When collaborating with a technology leader, choose a participant with documented trust, established through multi-industry achievements as substantiated through the participation on every free world space mission, the creation of the first Mil / Spec interconnects, participation on the first talking movie, 100% reliability for over 45 years in Rail applications, and numerous additional achievements in major Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, and Power markets. ITT Interconnect Solutions truly are "Engineered for Life™."